APEC 2013

Selasa, 10 September 2013 - 12:00 | apec2013.or.id

In 2013, Indonesia will assume the host and chairmanship of APEC. Indonesia will use this momentum to deliver a meaningful contribution to the regional economic integration process in Asia-Pacific, as it had in 1994, paramounted by the birth of the Bogor Goals. 

Indonesia's leadership next year is crucial because APEC is currently at an intersection. On one hand, APEC should continue its role as the locomotive of the regional and global economic growth. On the other hand, APEC is also expected to improve the resilience of the regional economy in the current global economic slowdown, and to provide results that are more concrete to the public.

Under the “Resilient Asia-Pacific, Engine of Global Growth” theme, APEC 2013 would seek to ensure that the Asia-Pacific maintains robust economic growth and resilience, and able to swiftly recover from shocks and contagions from other regions. Indonesia, together with 20 other economies of APEC, can strive to make the Asia Pacific region as the engine of global economic growth. This theme is further translated into three priorities related to the attainment of the Bogor Goals, the achievement of sustainable growth with equity, and the promotion of connectivity. 

APEC 2013 will also be an opportunity to Indonesia to utilize the regional economic cooperation to advance its domestic interest in developing the Indonesia’s domestic economic capacity, promoting job creation, and increasing Indonesia’s investment and export. In addition, Indonesia’s hosting in APEC will also inevitably foster positive benefits in the promotion of Indonesian trade, investment, tourism, and culture to the region

For more information: APEC 2013 Website

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